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Reusable + refillable home decor candles so you never have to dispose of a glass jar again.

Our Mission

Big Candle Company provides beautiful and luxurious, reusable candles for you to create your own peaceful, ambient and nurturing spaces.

All BCCO candles are meant to be reused. Once the candle burns down, recycle the vessel as a plant pot, decorative/food-safe bowl, tumbler, home decore, or have the candle refilled by our team locally.


I am so happy with the two candles I recently bought. What first drew me was how beautiful and unique these candles are. I've never seen anything like them before. Also, I'm very sensitive to scents and it's really hard to find beautiful candles that aren't scented. The fact that they are sustainable and made from all natural products just sealed the deal for me.


Just received my candle and it's beautiful! Bigger than I thought. I was worried it would break in delivery but BCCO packaged it very well to keep it protected. I purchased it for a Mother's Day gift, so BCCO included some tissue paper, a bag and a card. Will be a great plant pot in the future too! I will need to get one for myself! Thank you BCCO!


I absolutely love my Big Candle Co. candle! Lana and Ryley were great to talk to when I was trying to pick out a candle and gave me thorough descriptions on all the amazing natural/ ethical products they use. I've have mine sitting on my kitchen table for a couple months now and burn it quite often and there's still lots of candle left! Every time someone comes over I get a comment on how big and beautiful it is! I will definitely be refilling my candle and ordering more! They're the perfect gift, I recommend Big Candle Co. candles to everyone.


I just received the most beautiful candle from BCCO and I love it! My first thought was that I don't want to burn it! It's way too pretty!! But then I learned BCCO offers refills - the best! So I am letting this beauty burn!


We love our Big Candle Co. candle! It burns so evenly and is a beautiful addition to our living room decor. There are so many unique options that we had a hard time deciding which pot design we liked best. Big Candle Co. is an all natural local brand that we feel great supporting and will continue to buy over and over again.


Absolutely wonderful and unique gift that works for any occasion! Purchased BCCO candles for a housewarming and Mother's Day gift and they were a hit! The candles came with gift wrapping and a 'To' and 'From' card, so my job was easy!