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Handcrafting BIG home decor candles

Big Candle Company provides beautiful and luxurious, reusable candles for
you to create your own peaceful, ambient and nurturing spaces.

We offer a wide variety of truly unique candles. Whether you’re looking for
a BIG statement piece, or a small candle for a corner table, we hope you find
something to compliment your space.

All BCCO candles are meant to be reused. That’s why each candle is hand
poured in a reusable pot. When the candle burns down, you have the option to
clean it out and use it for another purpose (plant pots, dishware, decor,
etc.), or have it refilled by our team.

We hope you enjoy our candles as much as we enjoy making them!

Design your sanctuary, create your calm

Life can be stressful, but having a space that is clean, cozy and aesthetically pleasing makes our home sanctuary the relaxing and comfortable space we really enjoy. 

Candles and plants are our favorite mix of home decor. They nourish the body, mind + soul and create the peaceful environment we seek when we need to recharge.

About our candles

We are all about value, and know that a tried and true product is the best way to build a sustainable business. Our candles are meant to be burned and made to last! Our smallest candle is 4.8 oz’s, our largest, 157 oz’s, and we have everything in between. 

Our wicks and waxes have been tested time and time again to ensure you are getting an even, quality burn, minimal soot, and a long candle life.

All Natural Ingredients

BCCO started with an all natural concept. We use premium soy wax in all of our candles and our wicks are either cotton or paper based (no lead). We wanted our candles to be fragrance free for a number of reasons. One, many people are sensitive to fragrances. Two, we wanted to ensure the safety of our pets, who may experience an adverse reaction to certain smells. And three, we love burning multiple candles at a time and having different scents burning throughout the home can be very overpowering.

However, due to popular demand, we are introducing a variety of scents. Some are made with fragrances, others will be made with pure essential oils to provide an all natural option to those who still want a pleasant smell.

Our All Natural Line of candles are clean burning, long lasting and 100% all natural. Ingredients include cotton/paper wick(s), 100% soy wax, and if scented will have been made with pure essential oils.


Many of our pots are handcrafted, including some by local artists, some are designed by BCCO and custom made, and others may be sourced both locally and internationally. With our wide variety of decor candles, we hope you find something to compliment your space.

BCCO Refill Program


All of our candles are hand poured in reusable pots so when the candle burns down, you have the option to clean it out and use it for another purpose (plants, dishes, decor) or have it refilled by our team.

Returns & Shipping Policy

Returns will be accepted if you contact us within 10 days of receiving your candle. You will be required to pay for return shipping (provided there are no defects) and your refund will be processed upon our receipt of the returned candle. Your candle must be returned in the same condition in which is was purchased (ie. tags on and unlit).

For more information see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page.