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BCCO Refill Program


We are all for recycling and doing everything we can to reduce our footprint. That's why all of our candles are hand poured in reusable pots. When the candle burns down, you have the option to clean it out and use it for another purpose (plant pots, decor, etc.) or have it refilled by our team.


BCCO is offering Refills to anyone in the Okanagan area who are able to drop off and pick up their candle. Otherwise, your candles may be reused as plant pots, decorative bowls, tumblers, vases, dishware, cookware, or holders for small items such as jewelry, keys, q-tips, etc. Check out the "Suggested Reuse" part of the product description.



 Reuse as PlanterReuse as dishesReuse as decorationRefill your candle by the BCCO Team

Purchase your Candle Refill Here

Refills are now a flat fee based on your container size. This includes re-wicking and a fragrance of your choice, but does not include cleaning. Only clean pots will be accepted for refill.  Please see the cleaning steps below to prepare you candle for refill before dropping off. 


Steps for Refills: 

1. Purchase your refill by following the link above. Select your size and choose your scent. If you are unsure of the size of candle, fill your vessel with water and weigh it. Then weigh the empty vessel. Convert the difference into ounces and there you have it! 


2. Choose your drop location (see below). When dropping off, please leave your full name and contact information with your candle vessel. 


3. Refills take roughly 2 weeks and our team will contact you when it's ready for pick-up!


Drop Location

We offer 3 options for your candle drop off and picks-ups: 

1. BCCO Home Base - 2223 Sunview Drive, West Kelowna, BC.  If no one is home, please leave your clean vessel beside the "Welcome" sign at the front door. 

2. Okanagan E-Kruise - 1195 Richter Street, Kelowna, BCWorth noting, this is a bike rental store but rest assured it is the right place to drop off your candle refills!

3. Saturday Kelowna Farmers Market (Summer + Winter) - If we are at the market, you may leave your empty vessels with us. Make sure to follow us on Instagram for updates on the days we are at the market.




Stop burning your candle when you have ½ an inch of wax remaining at the bottom. It is unsafe to burn beyond this point and poses a fire hazard. 


How to Clean Out your Candles

You do not need any special equipment or a ton of time, just a kitchen and some patience. There are a few different ways to clean out your candles, however, our personal favourite is the Freezer Method. 


The Freezer Method

Cold causes wax to harden and shrink, making it easier to remove. If able, carefully use a butter knife or spoon to break up any large chunks of wax that remain in the container. Then place the candle in the freezer for several hours, until it’s frozen. The wax should pop right out of the container but you can loosen it further again with a butter knife or spoon and scrape out any remaining wax. 


 bcco candle cleaning            


Please compost your wax; it is 100% soy and biodegradable. DO NOT pour wax down your sink.


You will likely be left with metal wick tabs at the bottom of your pot or bowl. They are more challenging to remove as they are set with glue. To loosen, pour white vinegar into the container, just enough to cover the metal tabs. Let sit for 10 minutes. You should then be able to lift the tabs with a butter knife and scrape off the remaining glue.


Last, you will want to wash your container with hot soapy water to remove any remaining wax residue. Once clean, please bring your empty vessels to one of our Drop Location as noted above, or contact us at if you have any questions. Ensure to leave your name, email and phone number attached to your empty vessel. You will be contacted when your candle is ready for pickup.