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Candle Care

The first time you burn your candle, you will want to burn it for at least 3 hours; we recommend 4 hours if it is from the medium, large or BIG collection. This will help create a wider burn pool and will help your candle burn down evenly for future use. Burning for periods of 3 hours at a time (or until the burn pools between the wicks connect) is recommended after the first burn. 


You will want to trim your wicks after each burn or two (after they cool) so that they are no more than ¼ inch long. This will help maintain a controlled flame on the next burn, and prevent the wick from breaking off and falling into your wax pool. 


If you have a candle that can be used outdoors, it is important to remember not to leave them out in the sun. If you leave your candle in direct sunlight your candle will begin to sweat and eventually the wax will start to melt. In extreme cases, the pot may even crack. The candles are fine to use outside on a cool patio evening, but remember not to leave them out! 


When the wicks approach the bottom of your candle, discontinue usage when there is roughly ½ an inch of wax left. At that time, you can clean your candle out (see instructions on the refill page) and either use your container for it’s suggested reuse, or contact us for a refill. 


*Please note, refills are only available to locals in the Okanagan area at this time, as we are not shipping refills, but accepting drop-offs and pick-ups.